The Gabriel Method Review

Jon Gabriel has hit a home run when it comes to losing weight in a sustainable and natural way. He lost a total of 226 pounds and as a result of his exhaustive research and personal success has authored The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body in paperback and in Kindle format which is being sold on, which by the way his book is shooting to the best sellers list. He also sells a version (Total Transformation Package on his in a digital format that is instantly accessible once payment is made. His online program is his core program in video and MP3 formats (more details in features) and is what this review is all about today showing you the features, pros, cons and our recommendation.

Gabriel Method Features:

  • The core program contains a 12-part video book series that can be downloaded or as a streaming format and the user watches 1 per day
  • The core program also includes a PM Visualization Practice in MP3 audio format that is to be listened to before bedtime
  • The online program includes bonuses of the digital format eBook – The Gabriel Method, an AM Visualization, Living Goddess & SMART Music which is in MP3 audio format that can be downloaded, the American Holistic Health Lecture also in MP3 format, an audio class – Weight Loss for Kids another MP3 audio downloadable format and also Jon Gabriel’s MP3 audio Jon’s Favorite Recipes.
  • Immediate access to the online program because it is a digital delivery product
  • 100% guaranteed for a full 60-days (bonuses are kept even if you ask for a refund during the 60 days)
  • Worldwide success stories that this program is a natural and sustainable method of losing weight and keeping it off

Who is Jon Gabriel?

He has personal experience with the frustration of being overweight and not being able to lose weight with traditional methods. The result of his learning about biochemistry, nutrition, neurobiology, and psychology) and spending a year researching cholesterol synthesis with Dr. Jose Rabinowitz at the VA medical hospital in Philadelphia, was that he began to lose weight without dieting. He had discovered that the body has triggers for gaining weight (wanting to be fat) and for being the proper weight and used that knowledge to lose a total of 225 pounds and then he was able to sustain his proper weight.

His story has been seen on shows such as Today Tonight and A Current Affair. Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Khaliah, has also been on various talk shows speaking of Jon and the Gabriel Method on The Today Show, and Entertainment Tonight.

He has also received many emails, letters and phone calls from people all over the world who have also been successful using The Gabriel Method to not only lose weight but to keep it off.

Gabriel Method Pros and Cons:


Jon makes it easy for those struggling with weight issues to relate to his own story that they feel totally comfortable using his online program. It has surprised many users of Jon’s program that once they were able to get their weight under control and maintain a healthy, proper weight that they were also able to control disease such as Type 2 Diabetes. It is clear to many that stress plays a major role in being overweight and that following the techniques Jon outlays in the online program, people can actually see how the entire package of giving the body the foods it needs combined with learning how to deal with life’s stresses and achieving the right frame of mind mentally and emotionally about your body, can result in the body doing what it is programmed to do naturally, and that is to lose extra weight and become a healthier weight. Learning about the “switch” and how the body is turned on to gaining fat and can easily be “switched to off” has made a huge difference in the lives of many all over the world who have used the Gabriel Method to switch the body to a new mode of wanting to be a healthy weight.


The online Gabriel Method program will not help those people who are stuck in and refuse to entertain the idea that “they don’t need a diet, a pill, or a fad diet” in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. There will always be people who won’t be open to ideas outside of the traditional or long-standing method of doing things.

Gabriel Method Testimonials Review:

Jon Gabriel’s name and The Gabriel Method appear all over the Internet because of word of mouth and because of the appearances on TV shows and other media there is much talk about if the Gabriel Method is scam or legit and of course questions about what is a Gabriel Method? One way to determine is to read testimonials and reviews from those who have already used the product. Many of these appear on the To whet your appetite we have included snippets here for you to read (read full length ones on the website)…

“It’s not a diet, it’s not a quick fix, it’s not difficult at all… I have found several of your nutritional suggestions to be both reasonable and delicious. I have lost roughly 5 inches off my stomach, and inches off other places as well.”

“The Gabriel Method is so much more than weight loss. We are so much more than our outer body image. The program is an inspiration, assisting us to experience ecstasy in everyday life, partnering with the magical forces in the universe. It reminds us of who we really are. Positive expectation using the Visualizations empowers us to dare to dream and attract the life we were meant to live.”

“I just purchased the Gabriel Method Total Transformation and wanted to say that both my husband and I have been totally blown away! Seriously, the visualization audios were worth the cost of the program alone, I was absolutely shocked at the quality. And I have most definitely noticed a difference in my relationship with food since we started the program a couple of days ago. I just don’t have the same cravings and I feel much more clear headed and optimistic.”

“Every night I would visualize my body exactly the way I wanted to look. It wasn’t hard work; in fact, I was losing weight without much effort. After a few weeks, my blood pressure was within the normal range and my kidney levels had also come down. Jon’s method helped me have another two years of freedom off dialysis and effortlessly I lost another 53 lbs (24 kg).”

Gabriel Method Recommendation:

The Gabriel Method is recommended for anyone who has tried traditional weight loss methods such as any type of “diet” fad or tradition, or who has been told by a physician that they need to lose weight in order to prevent or improve conditions that have been linked to being overweight such as those with high blood pressure or diabetes. The online program is recommended to anyone who enjoys streaming or downloading valuable health methods that will give them the tools they need to lead a healthier lifestyle, lose weight and sustain a healthy weight.

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